Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem



“The Tony Jacklin”                            

Bombay Sapphire martini with Maytag blue cheese olives … Icy blue, like Tony’s  nerves


Celebratory Martini                                                                       

Pineapple Infused Premium Trump Vodka                 


Persephone Kiss                                                                     

Pomegranate vodka martini with pomegranate juice & a splash of Champagne


Little Brother Martinis – Half Size                                                                         


Lemongrass  Caipirinha                                                                

Cachaca,  fresh lime,  lemongrass


Bee’s Knees                                                                                    

Hendrick’s gin, Anna Maria honey,  lavender,  lemon     


New Fashioned                                                                                    

Maker’s  Mark bourbon, roasted pear, Luxardo cherry, Angostura


Dark and Stormier                                                                         

Gosling’s, Domaine de Canton, ginger beer, and candied ginger



Our focus is fresh local line-caught fish. All our seafood is sourced in America.


Big-But-Not-Diver-Scallops Pan Roast     

A Grand Central Station style roast with a little curry. No one is diving for scallops except my poaching cousins.


Prosciutto Wrapped Sea Bass      

Sea bass wrapped in prosciutto sliced paper thin seared and roasted, finished with a saffron beurre blanc.


Bourbon & Maple Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

With maple syrup and bourbon barbeque on pomegranate citrus grits, garnished with chimichurri.

Captain: 23.00/ Crew: 44.00

“French Guy Style,” Grouper or Snapper

Classic: egg-washed, dusted, sautéed and kissed with lemon-butter, parsley and white wine.

Captain: 25.00/ Crew: 48.00


Fresh Grouper cheeks and throats – “the Captain’s cut.” Bistro carved from whole                                                 grouper. Delicately sautéed and kissed with lime butter. Unlike us, they only have two cheeks, so … availability is an issue

Smaller plate:    24.00


Smaller Plates…

Duckling … Twice

The dueling duckling combo of seared breast and leg confit … from the Tucker family-owners of Maple Leaf Farms


Bistro Surf & Turf

Prime tenderloin crowned with a pan-seared scallop.  Classic with luscious bearnaise and hunter’s sauces.



Pan-Seared Duckling Breast

Maple leaf farm duck breast pan roasted to your preference, served with wild berry and cognac reduction and a fruit and brioche bread pudding.

Smaller plate: 28.00


Duckling Leg Confit

Braised until tender and rich, then pan crisped, served with brussel sprout hash, berry and pepper cream sauces.

Smaller plate: 23.00



Note: Menu items and prices subject to change.