Soup ‘n Salad


“One Helluva Soup”, Bistro Blue Tomato

Seasoned Parrish plum tomatoes with sweet cream and Maytag blue cheese.


Roberto’s Farm Salad

Vibrant, full-flavored, herbs and greens in company with artisanal cheeses, grilled fruit, fruit sorbet and heirloom tomatoes.                                                                                     


The Caesar Salad                                                                     

Our Caesar salad has a sacred lineage. The original recipe from Caesar Cardino’s restaurant in Tijuana travelled to Arnaud’s in the twenties. Sean was trained in its preparation at Arnaud’s before opening the Bistro.


For a mick, like Sean, the sacrilege of changing our Caesar is too daunting. But for a few bucks ($3) and a risk to your soul you are free to meddle:

   Canajunized –  with maple bacon. Because Sean’s Canadian relatives think Caesar salad has little bits of bacon in it. No idea why.

   Caesar after Cleopatra – “Blue” with Iowa Maytag blue cheese.

   Black and Blue - all of the above.

   Extra Fish with those cute little, sweet, white anchovies on the side.


Warm  Maple Leaf Duckling Salad with Arugula & Watercress

Warmed with a cognac, citrus-bacon vinaigrette. With apples, red onions, mangos and candied walnuts. Has won prizes.


Bella Roma Tomato Salad                                    

Esformes plum tomatoes, warmed with an herbed vinaigrette. Garnished with baby greens, herb toast and Parmesan crisp.


Note: Menu items and prices subject to change.