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July 28, 2016
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“Sure is Hot” Summer Cocktailing


Classic Summer Lunch Cocktail from Canada…The Caesar

2 oz. vodka

1 oz. Clamato juice (half clam juice and half V-8 is better)

½ Lime

Salt, Pepper, and Tabasco to taste

Celery salt on the rim

This cocktail is the favored summer cocktail in Canada.

They think it is hot there when it gets in the 80’s.

There is a shortage of days in the 80’s and a shortage of AC.

The accoutrements can make the drink spectacular…think celery, bacon, hot peppers, dill pickles….


Gin and Tonic - Improved

The “hot” cocktail for the British Empire was the “gin and tonic” savored on verandahs the world over. It had the added benefit of delivering quinine - the malaria combatant.

The recipe is just your favorite gin and tonic and lime. 2:1:1

Try varying the tonic…Seagrams and Canada Dry are the usual favorites but try Fenteman’s or “Q” if you can find it …or even customize your own from an online recipe.


Best Cocktail in a Heat Emergency…?

Any cocktail with big ice and your favorite coolie cup.

The bigger the ice, the longer the cool before the drink is diluted.

If it is September and you don’t have a favorite coolie cup…then you are new here and you should get one.