Beach Dining


Plates for Beginning and Sharing 
"One Helluva Soup," Bistro Blue Tomato  Seasoned Parrish plum tomatoes with sweet cream and blue cheese.


Bourbon & Maple Grilled Gulf Shrimp Gulf of Mexico shrimp grilled with bourbon barbeque and Mapy Syrup, on pomegranate-citrus grits, garnished with chimichurri.


Scallop Pan Roast Seared scallops in our famous Bouillabaisse broth. Finished with sweet cream and soupcon of curry.


The Single Chop World's best lamb from American Ranchlands in Colorado. Herb-grilled with rosemary-port demi, garnished with mint chimichurri, served over brioche bread pudding.


Lobstercargots Lush chunks of Florida spiny lobster (instead of the chewy little slugs). Slow cooked in a crock with herbed spinach and seasoned garlic butter. A Bistro original. Often imitated.




The Caesar Salad  Our Caesar salad has a sacred lineage. The original recipe from Caesar Cardini's restaurant in Tijuana travelled to Arnaud's in the twenties. Sean was trained in its prepartion at Arnaud's before opening the Bistro. For a Mick, like Sean, the sacrilege of changing our Caesar is too daunting. But for a few bucks ($5) and a risk to your mortal soul you are free to meddle.
Canajunized - with Bistro maple glazed bacon. Because Sean's Canadian relatives think Caesar salad has little bits on bacon in it. No idea why. 
Caesar after Cleopatra - "Blue" with blue cheese.
Bacon n' Blue - All of the above. Caesar transformed.
Extra Fish - with those cute little, sweet, white anchovies on top.


Roberto's Farm Salad Vibrant, full-flavored, herbs and greens in company with artisanal cheese, grilled fruit, seasonal vegetables, and today's house sorbet. Everchanging.

Featured Presentations

Thai'd Bouillabaisse  Lemongrass, ginger, Kaffir lime, in our famous Bouillabaisse broth kissed with coconut. Fresh market fish, shrimp and shellfish. Served with rice noodles, fresh lime and Sriracha.


U.S.A. Prime Beef Tenderloin Brushed with truffle butter, then prepared in a classic Charlemange style or with a cognac-pepper Normande. Only 1% of American beef gets to be "Prime" American Beef - "Where we believe that the beer belongs in the cowboys.".
6oz. $63 / 8oz. $69 / 10oz. $79


American Ranchlands' Rach of Domestic Lamb Simply the worlds best, fresh, domestic lamb, from Colorado. Seasoned, pan-seared and oven roasted. Finished with a port-rosemary demi-glace. Served with a complimentary sipping glass of Warre's Reserve Port. "You can tell from the flavor that it has never been frozen and carried across a major ocean in the bottom of a ship." Emeril's favorite.


Grouper Floribbean a Bistro Original Real, fresh, line-caught Gulf Grouper with a toasted coconut and cashew crust. Dolloped with a red pepper papaya jam. Stolen from chef Norman Van Aken.


Bistro Duckling Two Ways The Tucker family's Maple Leaf Farms duckling. The duckling leg is confited, then pan crisped and torched. The duckling breast is seared like a steak, Triple garnished with roasted butternut squash purée, a seasonal berry gastrique, and pepper demi-glace. Tender. Crispy. Lush.


Vegetarian Indulgences... Whimsical Selections Cauliflower steak, asparagus, farro, 'shrooms, citrus grits, and our Bistro Vegetable demi-glace. "Vegetarians don't live longer, it just seems longer." Theodore Roosevelt
"But they live well here." Susan


A note to our special diet friends... All of our presentations are prepared to order and can be customized to your palate and dietary preference.