Classic Entrées

BISTRO BOUILLABAISSE, FAMOUS First, you hire a bunch of pros to build a killer broth, poach to order “Nova Scotia” lobster tails, jumbo shrimp, premium market fish, shellfish and calamari. Served with clever asides of herbed, garlic toast and aiöli.
Generous: 56
Bountiful: 69


U.S.A PRIME BEEF TENDERLOIN Prepared in a classic Charlemagne style or with a cognac, Merlot, pepper demi-glace. Prime American beef – “Where we believe that the beer belongs in the cowboys.”
6, 8, or 10 oz. Market Price

Surfing – with butter-poached lobster …add 24
Flying – crowned with foie gras …add 29


AMERICAN RANCHLAND’S RACK OF DOMESTIC LAMB Simply the world’s best, fresh, domestic lamb from Colorado. Herb-rubbed, pan-seared and oven-roasted. Finished with a port, rosemary demi-glace. “You can tell from the flavor that it has not travelled across a major ocean in the bottom of a ship.” Emeril's favorite.


FLORIBBEAN GROUPER, A BISTRO ORIGINAL Real, line-caught Gulf Coast Grouper with a toasted coconut and cashew crust. Caressed with a red pepper-papaya jam.


GROUPER COOPER Real Gulf Coast grouper, pan-seared and crowned with a butter poached lobster tail then kissed with aurora cream.


FOOD HEAVEN Worth dying for. The richest food marriage – Colorado lamb, butter-poached Nova Scotia lobster and Hudson Valley foie gras- all on a brioche bread pudding. Served with a port, demi-glace sidecar and a sip of Essensia. Sublime. “A Dionysian vision from the end of a pier in Maine.” The Bistro’s Feature Presentation at The James Beard House...
Heaven: 96


BISTRO DUCKLING TWO WAYS The Tucker family’s Maple Leaf Farms duckling. The duckling leg is confited, then pan crisped. The duckling breast is seared like a steak. Double garnished with roasted fruit kissed with island honey, and pepper cream sauces. Tender. Crispy. Lush.


BOURBON & MAPLE GRILLED GULF SHRIMP Bourbon barbeque and maple syrup, on pomegranate citrus grits, garnished with chimichurri.


VEGETARIAN INDULGENCES...WHIMSICAL SELECTIONS Cauliflower steak, asparagus, sweet peppers, roasted carrots, beets, farro, 'shrooms, dipping sauces and our Bistro Vegetable demi-glace.
“Vegetarians don’t live longer, it just seems longer.” - Theodore Roosevelt
“But they live well here.” - Susan


Note: Menu items and prices subject to change.