Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:14

Mother's Day Gift Certificates...and a complimentary bottle of Champagne!

Poutine was one of the things even my mom could cook. 

Lovely lady, my mom - but culinary exceptionalism was not her strong suit. 

Mom was a dedicated disciple of the Irish Cooking Bible, “Take everything that flies, walks, swims or crawls across the face of the earth and boil the living bejeezuz out of it.”

This Mother’s Day I am going to sit with my hockey stick and watch the Lightning playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs and enjoy some Beach Bistro Poutine. 

I will think of my mom and all those Canadian moms and their poutine and I will be thankful. 

Be thankful for the moms in your life. 

Treat them to a Beach Bistro Mother’s Day Gift Certificate and we will throw in a bottle of Champagne*.

Go Moms.

mothers day flowers

*complimentary Champagne only available when gift certificates are purchased in person at Beach Bistro.

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