Thursday, 22 September 2016 16:38

Sure Is Hot...Still!

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September Hot.
We are all talking about it.
We all know. 

There is Hot … and there is Florida Hot … and then finally, ultimately, there is Florida September Hot.

Florida September Hot is when it has been too damn hot already for too damn long and we have no more patience for the damn heat.

It is pretty hot inJune but it has not been that hot for that long and June is June … pretty hot and we know what is coming but we still have some patience left. 

For much of July it has been 93 degrees every day and we are getting pretty tired of it and the weather guys are saying it feels like 104 and we know that but we don’t need to hear it every day, but we are still hanging in and it's OK.

By about the fifteenth of August we are losing our sense of humor about the heat. There is some patience left but not much.

But by mid-September every scorched, sweating fiber of our being is screaming … ENOUGH!  It has been too damn hot for too long and now it is September and it is worse because it has a name and it is called September Hot and that's it we have had enough and it has been too damn hot for too damn long and everybody knows it and there is no point in being patient with anybody or anything anymore.

We have become as merciless as the heat. We look forward to saying “Sure is Hot!” in the line at the hardware store or the drug store because we think it is funny to watch adults break down and cry.  

We spend our days inside chilled boxes peering out at the white searing heat.  

Stuff is dying in the yard and we just don't care.

We drive from one chilled box called “home” to our chilled box at work by travelling in little chilled boxes on wheels. 

We spend evenings looking online at places that are cooler than us and trying to figure out how to get there and who will cover our work while we are gone and there is nobody to cover us because they already had the good sense to leave.

There is some good news. 

September Hot means that if you walk into the Bistro Bar or Eat Here and you say... "Sure is Hot" ... then the first one is on us.  

We are happy to buy you that first drink because you are suffering just like we are and the Bistro team is gratified that we can inject some joy into these dog days. 

All we ask is that when you come into the bar and you cheerfully proclaim, “Sure is Hot!”... please close the damn door so the AC does not get out.

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