Tuesday, 11 October 2016 17:19

The Bistro Chef Team...Also Hot!

The team is creating new cool and authentic Bistro dishes for the last legs of summer. 

Chefs Clay and Ezio and Robby have been masterminding light-plate, cool summer seafood crudos and cool creamy pâtés for the lighter summer palates and plates of our September diners.

Summer catches of local Mangrove Snapper and Pompano are keeping company with great Gulf Grouper and seasonal Soft Shell Crabs.

The Thai'd Bouillabaisse and tropical Caribbean-spiced Prime American Beef Brochettes are stunning summer diners as the headliners of our lighter Summer Tasting menus. 

The chefs are offering up great new Cuban Sandwiches and Cuban stews for bar patrons and Roberto, as ever, is crafting super cooled salads with sorbet vinaigrettes for both venues. 

We are introducing summer diners to our menu with a cooling cocktail sip to settle you into your evening of America’s best food bounty accented with authentic taste treats as part of our summer theatre performing the celebratory arts.

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