Bistro Dining Room Menu – Beach Bistro
Bistro Dining Room Menu
Plates for beginning and sharing

“One Helluva Soup”– Bistro Blue Tomato
Seasoned Parrish plum tomatoes with sweet cream
and blue cheese.  $14

Roberto’s Farm Salad
Vibrant, full-flavored, herbs and greens in company
with artisanal cheese, grilled fruit, seasonal vegetables,
and today’s house sorbet. Ever changing.  $18

The Caesar Salad
Our Caesar salad has a sacred lineage. The original
recipe from Caesar Cardini’s restaurant in Tijuana
traveled to Arnaud’s in the twenties. Sean was trained
in its preparation at Arnaud’s before opening the Bistro.
For a Mick, like Sean, the sacrilege of changing our
Caesar is too daunting. But for a few bucks ($5) and
a risk to your mortal soul you are free to meddle.  $18

Caesar salad variations, add $5

Canajunized – with Bistro maple glazed bacon.
Because Sean’s Canadian relatives think Caesar
salad has little bits of bacon in it. No idea why.
Caesar after Cleopatra… Blue – with blue cheese.
Bacon n’ Blue – all of the above. Caesar transformed.
Extra Fish – with those cute little, sweet,
white anchovies on top.

Bella Roma Tomato Salad
Heritage plum tomatoes, warmed with an herbed
vinaigrette. Garnished with baby greens,
herb toast and Parmesan crisp.  $18

Lush chunks of Florida spiny lobster (instead of
the chewy little slugs). Slow cooked in a crock
with herbed spinach and seasoned garlic butter.
A Bistro original. Often imitated. But then
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  $29

Foie Gras, “Life, Liberty…”
Seared Hudson Valley foie gras on savory,
“fruited” brioche bread pudding. Garnished
with a vanilla bean and Sauternes reduction,
nutmeg anglaise and aged balsamic.
Sean: “I will stop serving foie gras when they
peel my cold, dead fingers from my fork.”  $43

Butter Poached Lobster & Pan Roasted Gulf Shrimp
A “Novey” lobster tail, butter poached with
a hint of citrus and star anise served on a
bed of citrus Anson Mills grits, in company
with Mosca’d style shrimp.  $39

The sweetest cuts of fresh Gulf Grouper
tossed with a bright Citrus Dijon
Champagne Vinagrette.  $26

Bistro Vegetable Introductions
or Clever Asides

Grilled Asparagus
Finished with a little shallot and garlic.
Kissed with béarnaise.  $16

Oyster Mushrooms on Farro
With seasoned garlic butter, on a bed of
farro braised in our vegetable demi.
Flaked with parmesan.  $26

Princely Potatoes
Our version of Dauphinoise… layered with
manchego, cream and chopped shallots,
hinted with parsnip.  $12

Featured Presentations

Bistro Bouillabaisse, Famous
First, you hire a bunch of pros to build a killer broth.
Poach to order “Novey” lobster tails, jumbo shrimp,
premium market fish, shellfish and octopus. Served
with clever asides of herbed, garlic toast and aïoli. 
Generous  $56  |  Bountiful  $69

U.S.A. Prime Beef Tenderloin
Brushed with truffle butter, then prepared in a classic
Charlemagne style or with a cognac-pepper Normande.
Only one-percent of American beef gets to be “Prime”
American beef — “Where we believe that the beer
belongs in the cowboys.” 
5 oz.  $59  |  8 oz.  $69  |  10 oz.  $79

Surfing – with butter-poached lobster  add $27
Flying – crowned with foie gras  add $29

American Ranchlands’
Rack of Domestic Lamb

Simply the world’s best, fresh, domestic lamb,
from Colorado. Seasoned, pan-seared and oven-roasted.
Finished with a port-rosemary demi-glace. Served with
a complementary sipping glass of Warre’s Reserve Port.
“You can tell from the flavor that it has never been frozen
and carried
across a major ocean in the bottom of a ship.”
Emeril’s favorite.  $79

Grouper Floribbean, A Bistro Original
Real, fresh, line-caught Gulf Grouper with a
toasted coconut and cashew crust. Dolloped
with a red pepper papaya jam. Stolen from
chef Norman Van Aken.  $56

Grouper Cooper
Real, fresh, line-caught Gulf Coast grouper,
pan-seared and crowned with butter-poached
lobster and kissed with aurora cream.  $66

Food Heaven
Worth dying for. The richest food marriage.
Colorado lamb, butter-poached Nova Scotia lobster
and Hudson Valley foie gras, all on a brioche
bread pudding. Served with a port demi-glace
sidecar and a sip of Essensia. Sublime. “A Dionysian
vision from the end of a pier in Maine.”
The Bistro’s feature presentation at The James House.
Heaven  $96

Bistro Duckling Two Ways
The Tucker family’s Maple Leaf Farms duckling.
The duckling leg is confited, then pan crisped and
torched. The duckling breast is seared like a steak.
Garnished with a pepper Normande then finished
artfully according to the Chef’s whim.
Tender.  Crispy.  Lush.  $49

Bourbon & Maple Grilled Gulf Shrimp
Grilled with bourbon barbeque and Maple Syrup,
on pomegranate-citrus Anson Mills grits,
garnished with chimichurri.  $49

Vegetarian Indulgences
Chef’s pick… whimsical selections…
with farro and a true vegetable demi-glace.
“Vegetarians don’t live longer, it just seems longer.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt
“But they live well here.” ~ Susan  $37

A note to our special diet friends…
All of our presentations are prepared to order and can be
customized to your palate and dietary preference.

Carpe Diem

Winter Salad
Fresh roasted beets, baby sorrel, arugula,
dressed with apple cider vinaigrette. Topped with
grilled broccoli rabe, pepitas, craisins, roasted
butternut squash, and parmesan cheese.  $16

The Tucker-McKay Salad
Warm Maple Leaf duckling with arugula,
watercress and a cognac-citrus-bacon vinaigrette.
With seasonal fruit, red onions, and candied walnuts.
Has won prizes.  $21

Scallop Pan Roast
Seared scallops in our famous Bouillabaisse
broth. Finished with sweet cream and a
soupçon of curry.  $34

Terra Ceia Bay Little Neck Clams
From Aaron Welch’s farm. Pan-roasted,
finished with garlic butter, wilted arugula,
chardonnay, tomatoes, fresh herbs.  $25

Short Rib Bourguignon
Prime American beef… succulent…
Slow braised with Burgundy, oyster mushrooms,
baby onions and foie gras mousse.  $45

Happy Endings

Bistro Dessert Offerings.

Praline Alexandra
Bistro made praline – with vanilla bean ice cream
and Frangelico.  $13

Chocolate Truffle Terrine
Intense and award winning!
A rich terrine of artisanal chocolate.  $15

Florida Key Lime Pie
Has won prizes. With fresh Key lime juice.  $13

Bistro Sundae
Old style cardamom caramel sauce
and candied ginger shortbread
over vanilla bean ice cream.  $9

Hat Trick
A trio of crème brûlées – Kaffir Lime,
Valrhona Chocolate with a hint of cayenne,
and Bananas Foster.  $13

Specialty Coffees

In a brown sugar and cinnamon rimmed glass,
crowned with real whipped cream.  $15 each
“Real whipped cream is always good” ~ Ben Murphy

Café Siobhan
Brandy, Kahlúa and Cointreau.

Irish Cream
Bushmills and Baileys Irish Cream.

Jamaican Coffee
Myers’s Dark Rum and Tia Maria.

The Frangelican
Brandy and Frangelico… garnished with
our homemade praline.

Kid’s Menu

Selections for the maturity challenged.
Anything they want… really!

Kids Amusé – Right Away
Fresh fruit and berries to stabilize
the blood sugar (Mom’s too).  $10

We bring the sauce, cheese and pepperoni to
your table and you build it. It tastes better when
you make it yourself. (No green stuff!)  $12

Grilled Shrimp
Or any way your children like it.  $18

The Little Filet
Spoil them, they are already
costing you a fortune!  $25

All you can drink… free.

We can accommodate any child’s preference.
Just talk with your waiter.