Wednesday, 01 October 2014 21:17

Bistro “wine guy” debuts Gulf Coast indie-rock album

Bistro “wine guy” debuts Gulf Coast indie-rock album For 20 years, Big Dave our Bistro “wine guy” has helped deliver great wine value and food-wine pairings at the Beach Bistro. If you have ever had a lengthy discussion with Dave while he is behind the bar or on the floor, you know he is passionate about something else besides the pervasive earthiness and minerality in a good Cabernet Sauvignon…

When he’s not tied up with pesky wine salesman, Dave performs the lead guitar/vocal for a Florida local indie-rock band, Das Funk Haus, which was recently charted with top ranked jambands such as Jack White and Phish. 156971 473214164189 677153 n

Dave describes Das Funk Haus as a “gulf coast Florida indie-rock band with a mildly psychedelic sound.” He wrote the music for their recent album labeled “Electric Garden Party, which is available on iTunes. The album boasts a truly unique blend of stories surrounding topics such as Greek mythology and a lonesome Yeti coming into town to party. If that’s not intriguing, we don’t know what is.

The Bistro family welcomes you to check out his debut album "Electric Garden Party" on iTunes and tell him about it on your next visit. Das Funk Haus is performing within the Tampa Bay area throughout 2014. Be sure to check the Facebook page for updates. Click to order!

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About the Beach Bistro: For nearly three decades, the Beach Bistro has consistently been awarded the highest ZAGAT scores in the state of Florida for “best food” and has been honored with inclusion in ZAGAT’s “Top Restaurants in America.” The Bistro also boasts a long-standing Wine Spectator Award and is enthroned in Florida Trend’s Golden Spoon Hall of Fame. Beach Bistro is located at 6600 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach, 941-778-6444,