Thursday, 17 April 2014 11:21

Christmas Wine Gifts

I am aging and forget stuff.

Is it my imagination or did Christmas shopping season used to begin after Thanksgiving….and that was too soon.

I had the misfortune to have to visit a big mall the other day. Phone stuff.

I had given up going to malls all together and then I got an I-phone and got sucked  into the belly of the I-phone beast.

The beast requires periodic pilgrimage to one of its regional temples ….which are all housed in really great big malls.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving the great big mall was already building a crystal snow palace in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.  There were already pictures of Santa everywhere….Santa in big new leather chairs, Santa smoking cigars, Santa in mesh stockings with high heels.

I got my phone fixed and bolted out of there.

Later that same day back at the Bistro I took a call from a lady in Minnesota asking me for advice on Christmas gifts for her wine-loving husband.

The phone call and  frightening I-Phone mall visit apparently left me sufficiently muddle-headed with Christmas spirit to consider offering opinion on Wine and Wine Accessories as Christmas gifts.

There are really only two “wine tools” that are worth a damn.  A real corkscrew and a decanter.

The classic, “best” corkscrew is the Laguiole which has been manufactured in the small French mountain town of the same name since 1829.  It is beautiful piece of craftsmanship and comes in a really cool wooden box.

The other great gift is a decanter.  I recently was given a Cyrus orbital decanter – beautiful and functional.  Any big Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec or Shiraz style wine will benefit from the aeration.

If your budget is really tight – give them a custom “cork remover”. This device is for when you get stuck in a cheap hotel room with no corkscrew and have to push the cork into the bottle.

The “tool” is a plastic bag like the kind that the grocery store gives you in the produce department.

Tie a small knot in the corner.  Push the bag into the bottle with a chopstick, manipulate the knot beneath the cork, blow up the bag a little and pull the bag and cork out of the neck of the bottle. The knotted bag catches the cork and it slides right out. Put the plastic bag in a nice box with a chopstick and you’ve got a great “wine tool” gift on a limited budget.

If you are a real Scrooge consider buying the Laguiole, keeping the corkscrew, and giving the box with the little plastic bag in it.

The best wine gift for a local is our new bottle of wine-with-gift-certificate-in-a-faux-silk-bag from the Beach Bistro. Give Big Dave our Bistro“wine guy” a call.

Dave will help you pick a great wine value at our wholesale prices. We will order it and have it wrapped in a cute little silky gift bag with a Bistro gift certificate and …a menu with food-pairing suggestions for your Bistro date with your wine gift.

This is thoughtful and unique and a great value – you get the wine at wholesale, we won’t charge you corkage and you won’t have to go to a mall. Give Dave a call at the Beach Bistro.

PS…Have a great Thanksgiving.

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