Sunday, 04 October 2015 22:57

The Cold Front...

The Cold Front … Tonight's the Night

The Bistro staff is on Cold Front watch.  

After a long Florida Hot, summer nerves are frazzled, patience is lost, and just when we absolutely needed it, comes …“the Cold Front.”  

A brisk, cool breeze will be refreshing us this evening.  

The Bistro Bar will fill with joyous, raucous people drinking red wine and eating big steaks.   There will be naked dancing in the streets.   Life will be joyful and full of promise again.  

A great way to greet our first cold front is to plant yourself on a comfortable stool in the Bistro Bar, grab a favorite cocktail or glass of wine and then step out onto the beach. Luxuriate in the cool breezes caressing your neck and washing your fevered brow. Toss your hair (whether you have any or not), gaze upward and watch the northern breezes scatter clear, bright stars across the sky.  

Anna Maria Island. The best place in the whole world to live again.

And the Beach Bistro, the best to dine … or drink.  

Toast yourself … “Sure was Hot.”  

Naked dancing optional, but encouraged.