Our Chef Team

What’s the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and a Fenway Park hot dog?

You can still get a Fenway hot dog in October.

In this region, the restaurant business is a lot like baseball–only the best teams survive the summer and still get to play in the fall. Like all great teams, it is never just about the pitcher, the goalie or the quarterback.

Likewise, at the Beach Bistro, it has never been about a single chef or Sean or any other individual–it has always been about the team. Sean’s great joy is that he gets to hang out on the bench.

The current Bistro chef team is as remarkable as it has ever been. The Bistro measures success by the strength of its teams in service and culinary performance. The ultimate credit for the Bistro's much-lauded food is earned every day by the strength and commitment of the chef team.

The Bistro kitchen is ultimately a culinary learning center - young cooks are recruited for their talent and commitment and then trained in the skills of sauce preparation, butters, dressings, meat and seafood presentations, and the highly demanding line skills of cooking the world's best seafood and meats to order.

Eat Here chefs are trained at the Bistro and then are welcomed back for refresher courses, cameo performances or placement on the top Bistro team.  

The Bistro and Eat Here chef teams are led by Chef Peter Arpke. Peter supervises training, ordering and preparation at all the Bistro and Eat Here kitchens. Peter is a James Beard Award "Best Chef of the South" nominee and has led Beach Bistro teams in two performance dinners at the James Beard House in New York City. Peter started washing dishes at the Bistro with Sean and Susan twenty years ago.

The current Bistro Head Chef and team leader at the Bistro is the accomplished Clay Spangler. Clay has rocked sous chef and head chef positions in the Bistro and Eat Here kitchens off and on for almost ten years. Clay's masterful performance team is pillared with support from former Eat Here Chef Cam Wolfe and Bistro bred Chef Alex Obei.

Sean beams when bragging about the Bistro line team. "When Clay, Alex and Cam are rocking and rolling in the Bistro kitchen, there is not a stronger performing team anywhere."

Salads and desserts and chilled food preparations are crafted by Chef Roberto Lopez and his sister, Zenaida. Cold preparations are skillfully and deftly finished to order from fresh ingredients...many of them hand-picked by Roberto himself.

All of the building blocks for a strong evening performance are built on the shoulders of Bistro "mise en place" master Chef Steve Cottet. Steve has bread baking every morning by eight and is dressing fish and meats, roasting and finishing sauces all day to create a powerful inventory of great flavors for finishing by our evening line team.

The roster is rounded out by visiting chef staff from Eat Here kitchens, Bryce Glascott, Robert Drulia, Ezio Piccione and Ricardo Lemus. Their Bistro presence sharpens their skills and gives the Bistro great bench strength and a renewing perspective.