Beach Bistro Vaccination Press Release – Beach Bistro


As high temperatures and turtle season bring seating indoors, the safety of guests, staff, and their families remains the number one priority for Beach Bistro.

HOLMES BEACH, FLORIDA (May 17, 2021) - This week Beach Bistro can report a staff that is nearly completely vaccinated - over 90% and climbing. For reference, The National Hockey League has agreed to lift constraints on Lightning travel once they reach 85%. The entire Beach Bistro team is over 90%. In addition to Beach Bistro’s progressive vaccination rate, they will continue to operate with their successful “Bistro Safety Protocols” until further notice.

Since April 2020, Beach Bistro has treasured the support of Dr. Alex Petreas and his team at Ellenton Urgent Care. They have routinely traveled their staff to Anna Maria Island to test Beach Bistro, Doctor’s Office, & Eat Here staff en masse. Last week Ellenton’s visit provided second vaccines to nearly all staff across Sean Murphy’s three restaurants. For the safety of their staff, patrons, and families, Beach Bistro would prefer that all guests be fully vaccinated.

Due to Turtle Season and the extreme heat of Florida in the summer, Beach Bistro is now seating purely in their “Safe Space” HVAC-sanitized dining room. The new air treatments are consistent with guidelines from the Harvard School of Public Health and air treatment technologies utilized by England’s National Health Service. The Beach Bistro is confident it can provide the safest indoor seating in the country.

The Bistro’s Danish Rensair purification unit, “Eric the COVID-Eater’, as proprietor Sean Murphy refers to it, continues to chug away, sucking up interior air and purifying it with HEPA filtration, ionization, and ultraviolet light at the rate of 25,000 cubic feet per hour.

Beach Bistro’s entire HVAC system duplicates “Eric’s” efforts and adds extra ionization for good measure. Ventilation remains key to having Covid-Free air. The Bistro's air movement system replaces all of its kitchen air every minute, and drives a constant stream of outside air into the full restaurant space. With the doors open approximately one foot, the Bistro's interior air is rotated every three minutes, and purified by the three systems located in the Beach Bistro HVAC system.

Reservations at the Beach Bistro can only be arranged by phone at (941) 778-6444


Beach Bistro is Anna Maria Island’s premier beachfront dining destination. It is an award-winning, world-class dining experience that is entrusted year after year with creating life-long memories. Perched directly on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico, picturesque beach views and enchanting sunsets further enhance your dining experience. Beach Bistro's Fresh Gulf Seafood, Prime American Beef, and Premium Domestic Lamb have earned the highest ZAGAT ratings in all of America, cementing its well deserved reputation as the best food in Florida.