Smaller Plates


FOIE GRAS, “LIFE, LIBERTY …” Seared Hudson Valley foie gras on savory brioche bread pudding. Garnished with a vanilla bean and Sauternes reduction, nutmeg anglaise and aged balsamic.

Sean: "I will stop serving foie gras when they peel my cold, dead fingers from my fork.”


LOBSTERCARGOTS Lush chunks of Florida spiny lobster (instead of the chewy little slugs). Slow cooked in a crock with herbed spinach and seasoned garlic butter. A Bistro original, often imitated. But then, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


BUTTER POACHED LOBSTER & PAN ROASTED GULF SHRIMP A “Novey” lobster tail, butter poached with a hint of citrus and star anise served on a bed of citrus Anson Mills grits. In company with Mosca’d style shrimp.


CHEEKY Fresh cheeks and throats – “the Captain’s cuts.” Bistro carved from fresh whole fish. Delicately sautéed and kissed with Dijon caper cream, served with creamy polenta. Unlike us they only have two cheeks, so … availability is an issue.


Note: Menu items and prices subject to change.